About Us

Since 1981, we have provided competitively priced propane to our customers.

Reliable Propane Service

Schilling Propane was founded in 1981 with the priority of providing competively priced propane and reliable service to residential, commercial, and agricultural customers. We have continued that philosophy for the past 30 years and look forward to supplying our service for your propane needs, whatever they may be.
Please feel free to contact us at 419-294-4560, email us at service@schillingpropane.com, or stop into our office in Upper Sandusky and we will be glad to assist you!
Anything You Need

Schilling Propane looks forward to supplying your propane needs.

Why Choose Us?

Schilling Propane has been providing the best propane service for over 35 years.

Reliable Service

You need us... we're there.

We are based out of Upper Sandusky, but we also have 12 satellite locations and much more storage than the industry average so we can better serve our customers! Since our main focus is propane, you can be ensured that we will do our best to provide the best propane service to our customers.

Consistently Favorable Pricing

Year in and Year out.

We do all we can to provide our customers the best price that is competitive with the local market. When you take into account that we don’t have hazmat fees or monthly or yearly fees (providing you meet the minimum usage requirement), our price sounds even better! We also offer a prepaid contract program, cap program, and budget program which can help you plan your heating expenses.

No Cost to Switch

Pay for the Propane Only!

Our Tank Lease is free, which includes the use of our tank, the regulators, and the concrete blocks the tank sits on. As long as your current propane line is in good working order and meets current regulations, we can just simply place our tank where your current one is, and you’re good to go!

*Free tank lease does not apply to applications where tank is only running generator and/or cookstove. Additional fees may apply if propane usage is less than 50 gallons per year. Please call for details if you are interested in one of these applications.

No "Specials"

Best price to everyone. All the time.

Some companies offer a special lower rate for your first time fill up as a new customer, but then the price raises after that. We don’t feel it’s the right thing to do to offer a new customer a lower price than what our long-time, loyal customer pays. We just simply try to offer the best price we can to everyone, all the time.

35+ Years in Business

35 years ago, we began our business with just one truck and now we have over 10,000 customers through word of mouth!

We attribute our growth to building our business on the solid foundation of offering the best prices we can and operating by the golden rule- treat your customers as you would want to be treated.

With us, you won’t find any hidden fees! As a family owned and operated company, we have our heart and our soul in what we do and are always finding new ways, whether it be through leveraging technology or through simply tweaking our operations, to offer you the best service possible!